Reducing fuel expenditure

Businesses in the logistics, transportation and mining games in any way have been thrown curve balls over the recent years. The price of fuel went up 40% over the last two years, tyres have seen an increase of more than 20% over the last year, other input costs have sky rocketed because of the increase in the fuel price and lastly, the ripple effect of the fuel price has made fuel a very sought after commodity on the black market... theft.

Keeping operating costs down is an art seldom mastered in these tough economic times. Downsizing is often the option of choice when your back is against the wall but is this really the solution? The key is to realise you have a problem before things get to a point of no return. This is where we come in with our logistical solutions on three of the biggest costs: fuel usage, tyre expenditure and fuel theft. We can handle each of these issue systematically and effectively, in an environmentally responsible way.

What do we have:

1) A combustion enhancer to reduce your fuel consumption by up to 20% safely and effectively (up to 26% in generators such as those used on refrigeration trucks). This product is unlike any other on the market which claim only to save you fuel. What we have is proven, tested and complies to the relevant fuel standards. Not only will you save fuel, it will remove algae and water from your tanks, clean your fuel lines, injector pump, injectors and the combustion chamber. It will also greatly reduce your emissions and what's more, you can enjoy up to a 10% increase in power. Don't be fooled by the hype of other "magic" products on the market. We are confident enough about our product and back it to the point where we even carry a comprehensive insurance policy applicable to every vehicle/engine using it... no other company in the world does this. Let us help cut your fleet or mining fuel costs.

2) Puncturesafe is a product you apply to your tyres which lasts their entire lifetime. It is NOT a puncture repair product... it is applied BEFORE the puncture happens and will prevent punctures and the resulting downtime. It is a liquid polymer gel which covers the inside of the tyre so in the event you get a puncture, it will plug it immediately or, in the case of a blowout, it will allow you time to slow down and pull off the road safely, giving a controlled deflation. The product is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the tyre and will never dry out or ball up inside the tyre and can lie dormant for many years. The greatest benefit is that it will not affect your wheel balance (tested up to 240km/h). In terms of tyre technology, it is known that all tyres are porous to some degree which allows a gradual loss of tyre air pressure. Under inflated tyres are the biggest cause of accidents related to tyre failure because an incorrect pressure will lead to excessive heat buildup which in turn greatly reduces tyre life and the structural capacity. With Puncturesafe, the inside of your tyre becomes coated so that you will always maintain correct tyre pressure which means your tyres last longer and run cooler. It's anti-corrosive properties also mean that your rim will never degrade. We have different grades of product to cover everything from a bicycle to a mine dumper. Puncturesafe will repair a puncture of up to 6mm with the regular grade while the extra heavy duty will go up to 15mm or more. We now own the rights to this product in South Africa.

3) Lastly, fuel theft is something we will never get away from. However, you can put in measures to control it. We have a product called Diesel Guard for this which will ensure that fuel goes only one way... into the tank. The high quality stainless steel units will ensure that no fuel leaves your tank. We also realise that the filler neck is not the only point of theft. To this end, we have special non-removable drain plugs, automatic discharge units for long range tanks, hose covers and even sender unit covers. Installation is fast and will give you peace of mind that your fleet is protected.

Whatever your challenge is, give us a call and let's discuss what your specific needs are. If we don't have it, we will do our best to direct you in the right direction. We also have a network of distributors around South Africa as well as in some African countries so rest assured, we can help you in most cases.

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